Basil 'Teaberry' Molebane

Carcass-diving champion


Race? Halfing

Class? Rogue

What is your name? (How did you get it? Any nicknames? Titles?)

Basil Molebane. I think the name speaks plainly to my regal heritage.

What do you look like? (Skin/Hair/Eye color? How old are you/how old do you look? Tall/Short? Fat/Thin?)

Well, I’m an average-sized halfling, three feet even and 34 pounds, with my father’s curly black hair and Mom’s green eyes.

How do you present yourself? (Style of dress? Opulent/poor? What attitude do you present to the world?)

My manner of attire is really determined by the strength of the populace’s grip on their coin purses. When the masses are feeling generous, I might be apt to adorn myself decadently, but when times are lean, or I’m on the job, practicality wins out, and I find myself clad mostly in rags or at the very least commoners’ clothes. The world sees me as either prince or pauper, depending upon the day.

Do you have any notable quirks? (Favorite turn of phrase? Odd way of walking/talking?)

I blink when I’m excited.

Where are you from? (where are your family/ancestors from? Where do you call home?)

My people are simple folk, rural folk and some of the finest mole exterminators to ever patrol their valley. At an early age I’ve found that’s not the life for me, and while I search for a place to call my permanent home, any inn with cold ale and company serves me well.

What do you think about your family? (Are there any family conflicts?)

I find them rather mundane and frankly unmotivated. While I respect their dedication to maintaining tradition, I find it rather silly if not unevolved.

Who are you closest to?

My brother Bosil Molebane and my mother Banina are my closest relatives, and I will occasionally write home to them. At present, my only real friend in the world is a bard called Ellie with whom I’ve been traveling recently.

What is your best quality? (what is your worst?)

Perhaps my best and worst trait is a pragmatic shrewdness which guides me in most things. It at once allows me to operate as a rogue and likewise keeps me slightly distant from folks.

Describe your personality in two words.

Gregarious loner.

Do you have an enemy? (Or a group of people you dislike or hate?)

Moles, mostly. Also, I do not have a great deal of love for aristocracy.

Are you romantically attached? (Currently/ever married? Orientation?)

Sadly, my heart belongs to one whom I cannot have: the wife of my brother Bosil, Fredrika.

What do you fear? (Would you ever tell anyone what you fear?)

I fear being the target of ridicule if my adventures prove to be as mundane as farm life would have been, I fear living down to the family’s expectations, but I’d never let them or anyone else know it.

What is your most treasured possession?

A lock of baby’s hair.

What are your ambitions? (immediate/long term goals?)

My immediate goal is to simply see the world, explore it, and learn what it really has to offer. Long term, a family of my own would be fantastic, although I don’t hold out much hope.

At some point in your history, you have become indebted in some important way to a man named Avery Skint. This can be, but doesn’t have to be, a monetary debt. Describe the situation and how you got into it.

By some devilry, be it divination or spies or whatnot, Avery Skint has discovered that the child my brother believes is his in fact sprouted from the fruit of my loins. In order to protect Fredrika, Bosil, myself and the child, little Busil Molebane, I must perform to Skint’s expectations.

What is your attitude toward children?

They often make me sad, for obvious reasons.

If you have just finished a week’s travel and landed in a dingy but warm inn/tavern, with a friendly barkeep, an attractive server, some locals drinking and playing cards, and a hooded figure sitting alone in a corner, what would you most likely spend your evening doing?

I would spend my time cutting the purses of patrons preoccupied with Ellie’s performances. A profitable and truly enjoyable endeavor, as she sings quite wonderfully

Basil 'Teaberry' Molebane

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