Ellisia Teaberry

Inspiring Courage since 2009


Race? Elf

Class? Bard

What is your name? (How did you get it? Any nicknames? Titles?)

Ellisia Teaberry, Elle, Ellie.

What do you look like? (Skin/Hair/Eye color? How old are you/how old

do you look? Tall/Short? Fat/Thin?) I’m of average height and weight,

with flowing, pale blue hair that matches my eyes. My whole life I’ve

been told I look older, but I’m a young, 130 summers old. .

How do you present yourself? (Style of dress? Opulent/poor? What

attitude do you present to the world?) I usually dress modestly, often

in robes that I have made or that belonged to my mother. I also wear

an inordinate amount of baubles (or so I’m told), but they are part of

a collection that my mother owned and gathered on her journeys.

Simple, beaded things, that I can’t help but be attached to as much as

my arms and legs.

Do you have any notable quirks? (Favorite turn of phrase? Odd way of

walking/talking?) Even though I’m a performer, I’m usually very quiet,

unless I want to be noticed. I try to not draw undue attention to


Where are you from? (where are your family/ancestors from? Where do

you call home?) My mother spoke little of where she was raised, and

most of her wonderful stories would contradict. What I do know is that

from a young age she wandered with her own mother, until she met my

father and settled in a small, elven village of about 200. I have few

memories of my father, his name was Alfinson, and he left within the

first decade of my life, unable to take to a sedentary life. I haven’t

seen him since. My mother, Ellania, didn’t take well to being without

him, but stayed to take care of me for as long as she could, being

that I was her only child. She chose me over him, at least, until my

100th birthday, when she left me in the care of one of the village

matriarchs Kirisna. I knew my whole life that one day she would go

searching for my father again. I just didn’t think that she would

leave me behind.

What do you think about your family? (Are there any family conflicts?)

I do not feel betrayed by my mother or my father, because they bore me

with the same wanderlust and insatiable curiosity that they had lived

and breathed for hundreds of years. I do hope one day to maybe see

them again, but I know that I also have my own life to live, as do


Who are you closest to? My mother. I am so much like her, even though

I haven’t seen her in 30 years, I still feel her with me every day. I

am very grateful to Kirisna for taking care of me and preparing me for

my own journey during the last years I spent in the village (she sadly

knew I would too be leaving, as soon as I was ready). Since my

departure from my home, I have mostly spent my travels alone, but have

recently become fond of a halfling named Basil, who is fairly good at

doing my bidding.

What is your best quality? (what is your worst?) My best quality is my

deep empathy for other beings. I suppose it is also my worst, because

I use it to my advantage more often than I’d like to admit.

Describe your personality in two words. Elusive performer

Do you have an enemy? (Or a group of people you dislike or hate?) I

have yet to make any enemies, though I am sure there are many people

who have taken a dislike to me in my darkest moments.

Are you romantically attached? (Currently/ever married? Orientation?)

I still feel far too young to think of these things. I have yet to

meet a man (or woman) with whom I feel any romantic feelings towards.

What do you fear? (Would you ever tell anyone what you fear?) I mostly

fear death, the death of me and the death of my parents before I get

to see them again. I know it is a futile fear, but it is one that can

keep me awake some nights.

What is your most treasured possession? I have one beaded necklace,

made with green and blue stones, that was a gift from my father to my

mother. She gave it to me, before she left. I haven’t taken it off


What are your ambitions? (immediate/long term goals?) I just love

hearing people’s stories and learning things that I’ve yet to know. I

want to see all of the wondrous places my mother has told me about,

with my own eyes. And of course, I hold out the hope that maybe one

day I can see her again.

At some point in your history, you have become indebted in some

important way to a man named Avery Skint. This can be, but doesn’t

have to be, a monetary debt. Describe the situation and how you got

into it. Avery Skint is a drunkard and a fool. The one evening I met

him, he was carousing and gambling at a remote pub, and he had a pile

of coin nearly up to his chin on the table in front of him. I couldn’t

resist pilfering from such a ostentatious purse, so I did. It was

foolish, because even if he didn’t see me in the act, he had been

staring me down all night long and I know must remember my face.

What is your attitude toward children? Children are the best, because

you can tell them tales that they will never forget, and inspire

wonder and curiosity in their tiny little brains that will never


If you have just finished a week’s travel and landed in a dingy but

warm inn/tavern, with a friendly barkeep, an attractive server, some

locals drinking and playing cards, and a hooded figure sitting alone

in a corner, what would you most likely spend your evening doing? I am

a performer at heart, and I love the feeling of having a captive

audience. I indulge in the attention whenever my ego demands.

Ellisia Teaberry

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