Wielder of Axe-alicious doom


Karsk, son of Drusk

Karsk is 6’8” tall, 304 lbs. Probably due to his great size, he remains conscious of his surroundings, careful not to break or disturb anything in his surroundings. He’s average looking for a half-orc, meaning he’s not that pretty, but he’s happy with how he looks. His lank brown hair is cut short except for a ‘rat-tail’ that hangs down below his shoulder. His weight is almost all muscle, and it’s obvious that he’s spent much of his sixteen years running, hunting and fighting with his older half-brothers (5 – all full orcs and much bigger than him). He’s dressed simply. Pants made of deerskin, sturdy boots and a leather vest. He wears a tattered green cloak, but keeps himself generally well-kept, if not always clean.

For a giant half-orc, the biggest quirk is that he’s kinda of an innocent. An eternal optimist, he is always smiling or whistling or humming a cheerful tune. This is a big difference when he sees his friends and love ones get hurt. When people he cares for are being hurt, or he perceives someone as being a ‘bully’, he gets very quiet. And that’s when he’s most dangerous. His anger fuels his strength and he becomes focused on the battle to the exclusion of all else.

He comes from a large extended family, with many half-brothers and sisters (7 of them). His mother, a human druid, had a brief relationship with his father, a local hero to his tribe. He’s close to all of his extended family, but is especially close to his only full sibling, his sister Thera. He established himself as her protector while growing up, which led to his developing his sense of ‘sticking up for the little guy’. Unfortunately, this has also been a detriment since he’ll get into situations where he may be outnumbered or overpowered. But he’s managed to come out ahead most of the times.

He doesn’t have any real enemies, but there may be some he’s stood up to that resent him.

He’s interested in girls, but hasn’t had much opportunity to date or become attached to anyone special.

His biggest fear is not being able to protect those he loves. He wears a corded necklace with a medallion given to him by his sister, reminding him of her love and his duty to protect those he can.

He became indebted to Avery Skint on one of the situations when he got in over his head. Avery got him out of the situation and Karsk has been grateful to him ever since.

He likes kids and has been known to be the evil orc, the big teddy bear or the provider of piggy-back rides whenever possible.

After winding up in the tavern, he’d probably spend his time talking wih the barkeep and shyly talking to the server.


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